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I don’t use cook books.  I like to read cook books to get ideas but don’t use them when I am actually cooking. There is something intimidating about them, like the author knows how to do something you don’t and you can’t figure out without explicit and detailed instructions. 

It is my hope you will not feel that way when you read these recipes.  I hope you feel empowered not only to cook what I have suggested here, but to experiment and try ideas that may work better for your home and your family. None of these recipes were written down when I began to cook them.  I have watched others cook and then, followed their example and experimented, with some successes and some failures. With each failure, I learned more, so the failures were as good as the successes in the end.  Kinda like the rest of life!

My first choice would not be to write recipes down, but to sit and cook with you.  I am writing this as requested by my daughter Christina.

But my love for cooking is also tangled up with my love for the Man who said these words… “Feed My lambs.” In the last recorded conversation Jesus had with His disciple Peter, Jesus asked him, “Do you love Me?”  Peter replied, yes he loved Him. Then Jesus told him, “Feed My sheep… feed My lambs.”  When I think of cooking for my family, I think of those words.

I feed people as an act of love, not only because I love them but also to show them God’s love.  It is my prayer that you feel loved when you eat these meals.  Enjoy and know God loves you and wants to give you all good things. 


Strictly Italian

Everyday Dinners

Veggies and such

Barbie Goes Mexican

Thanksgiving Dinner

Christmas and Easter

People tell me they have a hard time cooking. They should see my kitchen. Here is something I put together for a kitchen remodeling contest, check it out:
My Kitchen

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Unknown said...

This is awesome Barbara.. I am definetly going to try cooking one of them :)

Diana Lluch