Thursday, February 02, 2006

Where can you find me?

It's easy to find me.

I am usually standing at the sink. Yes, really. No matter where I am, if there is a sink, that's where I will be, washing dishes, putting dishes away, cooking and making more dirty dishes. No matter if I am at work or at home, or at someone else's home, I'll be at the sink.

Maybe because I am a mom.

Or, I'm in my car. I often have one or two teenagers with me, although I have been known to have 7 in my car (it's a 5-person car, you understand). Watching them all exit is like a comedy routine! My car is so old. (how old is it?) It's so old that when my daughters and friends started writing on the back seats and ceiling, I didn't care, because when I am done with this car, I am only going to throw it away. Actually, I kinda like some of it, especially the "I love Mrs. R -- Big John" on my sun visor.

Maybe because I am a mom.

Or, I'm at my PC. I love my PC. I can talk to all my friends on IM... Ok, maybe I only have a few that actually sign on that much because I am so old.

Maybe because I am a mom.

Or, I am at my kitchen table with my three of my Bibles and my journal, talking to My Beloved. He encourages me, comforts me, instructs me, weeps with me. I pray a lot these days.

Maybe because I am a mother of teenagers.

Yep, that would be it.

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