Thursday, January 01, 2009

Blessings from God in 2008

  1. In March, Al's job changed, he was moved to Edison and got weekends off.
  2. Al’s new job allowed him to get home before Barb got up for work, which meant getting home in time for morning cuddles.
  3. Al and Barb were able to attend church together on Sundays.
  4. Al’s change of job in March in many ways prepared him for the next job change at year end.
  5. Debbie got accepted at Kean University.
  6. Christina continued doing well at Montclair State University and has returned to a more active social life.
  7. Barb was invited to give her testimony about Al’s salvation at the MOPS Spring Tea in May.
  8. Debbie graduated from High School.
  9. In June, Gio turned age 2! He talks now and boy! does he have a lot to say.
  10. Gio's grandparents, Emmanuel and Julia, got married in June.
  11. Gio's dad, Manny, joined the US Marines.
  12. Barb was invited to teach at the ACE fall session with David Langford and it was the best attended class that session.
  13. Barb and Al were able to take the entire month of August off together and to spend it at the beach.
  14. Al and Barb were blessed by their time at Union Congregational Church in Lavalette, meeting new friends there. They also enjoyed visits to Ocean Grove, seeing Charles Stanley and Oracle.
  15. Al had his best tomato growing season this summer.
  16. Debbie got her driver’s license before she started college.
  17. Al and Barb were able to attend ACE fall session together.
  18. Barb got a full time job at Urban Renewal Corp.
  19. Barb's friends and co-workers at MCC blessed her with many kind words, gifts, songs and a BIG party when she left her position there as Administrative Support and Bible Study leader.
  20. God give Al wisdom to select where to work when C&S closed. He hopes to be working stead at the Daily News, in New Jersey.

In all these changes, Al and I rejoice that God has caused us to grow closer together in love for each other. God has helped us to trust Him not only as the author and finisher of our salvation, but to trust in His daily protection and provision in our lives.

In all things, God is good and best of all, He is with us.

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