Thursday, March 10, 2011

You are My Beloved Son; in You I am well pleased

Mark 1:9-45
Jesus bursts into the scene, and Mark's first chapter continues with a whirlwind of activity surrounding Jesus. And all who came into contact with Jesus, reacted to Him differently.
  • God the Father was well pleased with Him.
  • The Holy Spirit filled and anointed Him.
  • Satan tempted Him - to no avail!
  • Angels cared for Him.
  • Fishermen of Galilee at once ... left their nets and yielding up all claim to them followed with Him, joining Him as disciples and siding with His party ... abandoning all mutual claims ... left their father... and went off with Him.
  • Jews in the synagogues who heard His teaching were completely astonished.
  • Demons recognized and feared Him, obeying His commands.
  • People who saw His miracles were amazed and almost terrified and spread rumors immediately about Him.
  • Friends and family brought their sick to Him.
  • Crowds followed Him, pursuing Him eagerly and hunting Him out.
  • The leper had faith enough to ask Him for healing. Then healed, the leper disobeyed Jesus' direct command and told everyone about Him.
I ponder, why is it that the demons obeyed Jesus but the healed leper did not? And more importantly, why do the demons obey Jesus and I do not?

But most importantly, what is my response to Jesus? Do I stop enough to consider His power? His mercy? Do I bring my sick friends to Jesus? Do I have the faith to believe, as the leper did, that Jesus can indeed, make us clean? Even though the leper walked away, unable to contain the Good News of the arrival of the God/Man, Jesus, he at least had the faith to believe for his healing. Do I?

Help me, Beloved, to believe in Your power and trust in Your goodness and come to You for the hard things, the astonishing things. I confess that sometimes I ask too little, trying to protect You from looking bad! How silly I am! Allow me, like the leper, to come begging You on my knees and saying -- If You are willing, You are able to make me clean.

I can trust You for the response.

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