Saturday, January 28, 2012

Funeral cards

You know those funeral cards? The one memorial homes have with the name of the deceased and a lovely photo and then on the other side, there is scripture, or a prayer, or a favorite writing? As I was at a wake today, and as I looked at the card, I decided I wanted to write my own. In her younger days, my mother-in-law told me what to dress her in when she was laid out. She repeated it so often that even now, I remember. In that vein, please place this on my funeral card. Give my body to science, to help others. It will be ok, because I will be with Him. So it won't what I wear...

I closed my eyes and when they opened, I was in His embrace.
The hug of a Father, full of passion and joy.
His face I could finally see, His eyes smiled with delight.
His arm still around me, He showed me the splendors untold,
Beauty unparalleled, perfection eternal.
And peace, peace with Him, and in the entire community.

Do not cry for me, I am in Paradise!
Instead, please find the path of Life that Jesus offers us all.
We all like sheep are lost, turn to Him and be found.
Call to Him and He will answer you.
And join me later, in His arms.
They are big enough for you too!

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