Saturday, December 29, 2007

Praise Report - The TV

This was so good I have to share it...

Most of you know that our TV room has been in disrepair for quite a while (like 2 years!) Since last April, the ceiling had collapsed and it has been unusable. We were grateful that the room had a door so we could close it off but especially with an active toddler in our house, we missed the extra room, and the TV/DVD player! And we had bought a new TV as a family Christmas present only last year.

Well, with only weeks to spare before Christmas, the room was finally done! Clean and fixed, we moved the sofa, TV and other stuff back into it. One week later, our new TV stopped working.

The first repairman said he would charge $95 just to take the TV to his shop. But the second repairman suggested we take it back to where we bought it, which was Costco.

Now get this---we go to Costco with no receipt and they said they would REPLACE it! So we drag the broken TV back to Costco, and pick out another, same brand, same size, and it costs $400 less. So we now have a NEW TV and $400 from Costco to buy whatever! (PS, this was grandfathered because we bought it last year... this year the returns for electronics is only 3 months!!)

Al and I bought the TV home and spent time in prayer thanking God for His provision.

We have been praying for provision (this will be Al's 3rd year in a row with no raise and I had been feeling guilty for purchases that perhaps we didn't absolutely need, like this TV) and God had really came through in this. Truthfully, I have been less than faithful in praying for provision when we needed it, thinking I needed to figure it out myself. But God obviously wanted to bless us in a unique way all His own, so that only HE could get the GLORY.

He is so good, and so faithful even when we are so stubborn. It's a wonderful thing.

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The Richardson Family said...

That is so awesome Barb! Awesome that God blessed you that way, but maybe even more awesome that you and Al could thank him in prayer together!! I too for a long time had been less than faithful in my prayer for provision, thinking I needed to figure out my own way...and God made sure time and time again to let me know that I could not do anything and I had to be dependant on HIM. I'm so happy for you. When is your first girls movie night in your new TV room???? Love ya, Rhonda