Got Questions?

So do I!  I have lots of questions and often it seems as I look for answers, I find even more questions!  The older I get, the more I learn, the less I know, it seems.

Let me share with you where I go to find answers. is one of my favorite websites.  It is better than Google because you not only find information, you find truth.  You can not only read the complete Bible online for free, but you can also search the Bible, read various translations, check out commentary, and lots more. has some of the best video teaching ever with a Jersey twang. Some great material on relationships, FAQ series and the best teaching I've had as someone who grew up catholic: Catholic Questions message series. Ministries also has some great video messages, by Andy Stanley.

My most recent find is Pastor Pete Briscoe at Bent Tree Church.

For inspiring videos try: I am Second.

But often I find my best answers at my kitchen table, with my worn, marked-up Bible open, my coffee cup in one hand, pen in the other.  As I read the Word and write in my journal, Jesus often whispers to me an unexpected answer, just for me.  How do I know it's Him?  After I while, I had begun to hear His voice and recognize it.  Also I NEVER would have thought up what He tells me!

Let me encourage you: open His Word, open your heart to Him.

Let Him speak to you.  Let Him love you.  And then it will no longer matter to you that you do not know all the answers, because you will know Him.

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