My Kitchen

My name is Barbara Ruglio. I live in Bloomfield New Jersey and this is my kitchen.

Our house was built in 1929 and we bought our home in 1985. We have not renovated our kitchen. Two years after we moved in, we started a family, I stopped working to stay home and raise our two daughters, cutting our income in half. We survived just fine, but there was never any money for extras, like renovating our kitchen. I did work part time at my church for many years, but by the time I returned to full-time employment, my daughters were starting college. After years out of my career in IT, I could no longer return to it. My full time job now as an administrator brings in about half what I was making when I left my full time career before kids. Now my husband Al and I are saving for retirement, I fear I will never renovate my kitchen.

My stove was in the home when we purchased it. Even then, it was old.

We have painted the kitchen several times but the wall paper is the original too that we had when we moved in.

I love to cook but it is difficult in my kitchen because there is no counter space. I use half of my stove for food prep when I cook.

There is only on drawer that is functioning, as I have to open my stove door to open the other drawer.

There is no dishwasher, nor is their room for one.

There is limited storage, and most of the cabinets are too tall for me to reach without a step stool. The cabinets over my nook cannot be reached unless I stand on my table.

The floor had been replaced but even that is coming apart.

The large radiator gets in the way of what could be more storage.

Thank you for considering me for a kitchen make-over. If you want to know more about me, please check out the rest of my blog or you can contact me at

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