Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Signs and Wonders

John 4:43-54

"Unless you people see signs and wonders, you will never believe."

Jesus was back in his home town.  Word had spread before His return.  They had all heard the talk of miracles before He arrived. A government official rushed up to Jesus, begging Him to come and heal His son, and this is Jesus' reply.

Again, I think, what is happening here?  This answer is so harsh to a man who has come to Jesus in desperation to heal his son. Why? Then I realize, there is a lack of faith. And lack of faith always frustrates Jesus.  It is much clearer in the translation called The Voice:

As Jesus traveled to Cana (the village in Galilee where He transformed the water into fine wine), He was met by a government official. This man had heard a rumor that Jesus had left Judea and was heading to Galilee, and he came in desperation begging for Jesus’ help because his young son was near death. He was fearful that unless Jesus would go with him to Capernaum, his son would have no hope.

Jesus (to the official):
My word is not enough; you only believe when you see miraculous signs.

My word is not enough for you.

How true this is for me.  How much this must hurt Jesus when again and again I do not trust Him until I receive the answer to my prayer. I cannot believe He will answer before I see it. Even now, after so many answers to prayer, I do not trust Him. Instead I stand there and continue to beg...and whine even!  Like the official:

Sir, this is my son; please come with me before he dies.

Still Jesus has mercy and says the words to comfort and assure him that His intent is to heal:

Go home. Your son will live.

When he heard the voice of Jesus, faith took hold of him and he turned to go home.

That's what I need to do.  Have faith, turn around and go home. Continue with my life like I trust Jesus to do it.  Repent of my unbelief and have peace that He will never deny me or my family any good thing.  Beloved, I believe You are God but I still struggle to believe You will help me, that You will answer my prayer today.  What else am I waiting for You to do to prove You love me and can be trusted?  Please allow faith to take hold of me too! 

On the way home, the man’s servants came and met him. They said, “Your son is well.”
The man asked, “What time did my son begin to get well?”
They answered, “It was about one o’clock yesterday when the fever left him.”
The father knew that one o’clock was the same time that Jesus had said, “Your son will live.” So the man and everyone in his house believed in Jesus.

That was the second miraculous sign that Jesus did after coming from Judea to Galilee.

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