Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Argument

John 7

I remember the arguments at home.  My mom and dad shouting. I sat in my room afraid, crying.  It did not happen often, but when it happened, I remembered.  I remember one argument between my dad and his brother; even my dad was crying.  

I remember the argument at the church meeting. Men of God, men I respected and had come to love. They were not shouting, and yet there it was.  I sat next to my friend and my eyes were dry but inside it was happening all over again.

Here it is happening with Jesus too.  Jesus and His brothers, Jesus and the religious leaders.  Trying to trick Him, trying to "expose" Him, trying desperately to get rid of Him but He just would not go away.

I hate arguments.  I read this chapter and it's hard to take in.  Why couldn't everyone just get along?

Because Jesus would not back down.  Jesus would not go along.  He had His own agenda--His Father's agenda--and would not do anything else.  And so when His brothers told Him to go to Jerusalem for the Festival, Jesus replied:

My time has not yet arrived; but for you My brothers, by all means, it is always the right time. You have nothing to worry about because the world doesn’t hate you, but it despises Me because I am always exposing the dark evil in its works. 

No one likes to be told they are doing wrong. But that did not deter Jesus.  He told truth no matter what the consequences.
Jesus did not make nice. Jesus did what His Father wanted Him to do.  Jesus told truth. He was not afraid.  He did not sit in His room and cry, or say yes to avoid confrontation. He stepped up, even when the world hated Him.

Beloved, I know I need to do this too.  I know You are calling me. In my flesh I am afraid. Give me courage to be a truth-teller.  Guide me to be compassionate and loving.  But not to hold my peace when I should speak up.  Give me the wisdom to know what to say and when, and the courage to do it.

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