Sunday, April 20, 2014


Luke 24:13-35

Most stories end with the death of the hero. Sometimes, there are protégées who carry on for them. In Jesus' case, His death was only the beginning of the story.

But for those who had been following Him, it did not seem that way at first. Jesus met two of them on the road, forlorn and confused at the events that just happened: the death of Jesus and the report of the empty tomb.

“You are foolish and slow to realize what is true. You should believe everything the prophets said. The prophets said the Messiah must suffer these things before He begins His time of glory.” Then He began to explain everything that had been written about Himself in the Scriptures. He started with the books of Moses and then He talked about what the prophets had said about Him. 

God's ways are not our ways, and so it is easy to be slow to realize what is true. But Jesus came to show us truth, to explain everything, to bring us into His everlasting story.

Let our reaction to what we do know about Jesus be like that of these two men from the road:

But they wanted Him to stay. They begged Him, “Stay with us...” So He went in to stay with them.

Jesus can't resist such an invitation, so of course, He stayed.  He is longing to hear such an invitation from us. He is longing to explain everything to us. All we have to do is open the scriptures and ask Him. Ask and we receive. It's a promise.

“When He talked to us on the road, it felt like a fire burning in us. How exciting it was when He explained to us the true meaning of the Scriptures!”

It will be exciting when He explains it to us too. It's the promise of the everlasting kingdom.

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