Saturday, April 19, 2014

Our turn now

Today is the day of silence. There are no red letters for this Saturday.  Only the deathly silence of a tomb mingled with tears falling.  We know the end of the story. Those who lived with Him did not. Not yet.

In the silence it is our turn to speak. What can we say of these things we have seen during this Lenten journey? What is our response to the great love Jesus has shown, not only during His sorrow and agony, but this whole time as we listened to His words written in red?

We have seen on the journey that God so loved not only the world but you. And me. Jesus did not come to punish us for the mistakes we have made. He came to invite us to follow Him. Jesus was not pleased by good works, although He did many. He was pleased by great faith. Jesus did not come to rally a band of obedient followers and servants. He came to serve us, and to show us how to serve each other.  Jesus did not come to tell us to obey Him as much as He came to show us He intended to obey His Father,even to death.   

How can we refuse so great a love?  

Jesus’ invitation is open to me and you. He says: Come, follow Me.

What do you say?  

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