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I am so glad you came to visit!  Sit down, have a cup of coffee, relax.  It is my hope you are encouraged and inspired by my journey.

I have been journaling since I was sixteen.  That is a good long time ago now.  Then I wrote on
spiral notebooks, pasting in cut-up pictures from magazines, doodling in the margins.  It was something I did because I had to, like I would explode if the words did not come out of my hands and onto the page.  Rantings and questions and prayers rolled out onto the pages.

Even at sixteen, I dedicated my journal to God.  It was to Him I was writing, even though, looking back now, I barely knew Him and certainly wasn't listening to Him very well.  And yet, my dedication on that first journal was to Him:

"To God who loves me even when I am wicked."

Back then, I was wicked quite often.  Sadly, life is pretty much still the same except my sins are wedged deeper into my heart, and it is often difficult for me to see them, let alone for me to allow God to pluck them out.

My blog is an extension of my journal.  And I am still writing to God, but now, nearly a lifetime has past and I know Him much better.  He is no longer a God who watches me from afar.  He is my Beloved Savior Jesus, who has always walked each step with me, guiding me, protecting me, loving me, even when I am wicked, still.

Now I am a wife of almost 37 years, a mom to two adult daughters, and a grandmother to a sweet almost-teen boy.  As an empty-nester, I am just beginning to enjoy having two of us living in our little 3-bedroom house in Jersey.  I have never written a book, my job is extremely ordinary, and my house is not looking much like the magazines.  I do ministry in my local church in a small and ordinary way, but with all my heart because I love the church and both the new and old friends in it.

I am a lot like you, really.

My prayer for you is when you read my writings to Jesus that you are inspired to a deeper connection with Him too.   

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