Thursday, October 03, 2013

Delight attends her work

Delight attends her work and guides her fingers as she selects the finest wool and flax for spinning.

She moves through the market like merchant ships that dock here and there in distant ports, finally arriving home with food she’s carried from afar.  (Proverbs 31:1-14 - The Voice) **

Food and clothing. In this era, all of life surrounded this, the essential needs to survive.  There were no cars, no TVs or computers, no phones, no games.  There are not even any books, newspapers, or magazines.  Back then, all of life was about obtaining these things basic needs.  Every. Day.

But see, she is not concerned for herself, the Excellent Wife.  She is concerned for her household. And she is not halfheartedly, grudgingly, absentmindedly taking care of these needs.  No, she is going the extra mile to select the best.  She is a woman of purpose.   She is not only buying clothes, she is making clothes.  She is making clothes from --my goodness-- fibers!  I can not even imagine.  

Moreover, delight attends her work.

She is actually thrilled to be doing this service for her family.  She finds joy in this simple duty, clothing and feeding her family.

I think of me, coming home from work to make dinner when I would rather take a nap.  I think of the pile of dishes to wash, the pile of sox to match and fold.  I complain even though I have running water -- hot and cold -- in my kitchen sink and a washer and dryer in my basement.  Truth be told, delight does not always attend my housework.

But the Excellent Wife does.  She understands the worth of her duties, because she loves her family.  She knows that even though they might not understand or appreciate her attending to their basic needs in an exceptional way, she is confident of the value of her caring for her household.  And that gives her pleasure.  Ultimately what her family says or thinks today is not important--she knows God is pleased.

Father, often it is a struggle for me to do the mundane everyday tasks of caring for my family.  I look for praise from my family and they may not appreciate me today.  They may not even notice.  But You notice!  You see every time I extend myself to satisfy their needs, and You are thrilled.  Help me be thrilled too and find my ultimate worth in pleasing You!

** I just found this Bible translation today and liked it -- a lot! If you like it too and want to read more, check it out on BibleGateway

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