Thursday, October 10, 2013

When it snows

She is not worried about the cold or snow for her family, for she has clothed them all in warm, crimson coats. (Proverbs 31:21 The Voice)

I love making plans. I preferred to be prepared.  Especially when the children were small, I learned the importantce of making sure coats and boots fit and extra umbrellas were available before they were needed.  Fall and winter clothes were stored away clean and folded so we could find them on the first unpredictible day of cold weather.

But you can only be so prepared.  There are things we could never truely plan for, like hurricanes and terror attacks and early snow storms and parents dying suddenly.  Even smaller annoyances like the weather this weekend on our anniversary get away (gloomy, wind, rainy!) -- you can't be prepared for such things.

God encourages us to plan for as much as we can, and trust Him for those other things.  And when the unforeseen happens, to believe that although it was not in our plans, He knew and planned for it and He's got us covered.

I am getting better with trusting God when my plans go awry. So many times I have seen that His plans are much better than my own. 

Father, help me not get discouraged when I do my best to plan things and my plans get botched up.  Or someone else comes in and disrupts what I wanted to do.  Let me trust You above all. 

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