Sunday, October 13, 2013

Selling linen garments

She makes linen garments and sells them, and supplies the merchants with sashes. (Proverbs 31:24)

We have already seen how the Excellent Wife has a gift for making cloth and clothing.  It was an important skill in those days when there were no Macy's, Kohl's, or even Walmart to shop for clothes for your family.  Her craft was all that stood in the way from her family being naked, for heaven's sake!  

But she did not only use her skill for her family.  Here we see her using it to make money.  And she did not make any kind of garment, but fine linen garments.  Other places in scripture refer to linen garments are about sacred tunics worn by the priests who served in the Tabernacle.  Or garments worn by royalty.  She made the best.

I confess I am sometimes torn with using my skills for money.  I am no saleswoman. I don't have a craft to sell.  But I am skilled at some things.  This verse tells me it is good to use the talents God gave me to make money.  That is a wise thing.  It is good for me.  It is good for my family.  And when the goods or service are of fine quality, they sell themselves.  

This verse also tells me that women are worthy to compete in the marketplace and should expect to be treated as an equal and with respect.  God does not expect us only to have a role in the home, but also in business as we make full use of our God-given skills.  As I work with the talents He gives me and my product is excellent, then I am honoring Him.

Father, it's Sunday night and tomorrow, I will be going back to my office.  Remind me that as I serve others there, it is not only to earn money for food and clothing, but the excellent service I give my clients honors You.  I may not be able to make fine linen garments, but I can use the skills You have given me to honor You.   

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