Saturday, October 19, 2013

Inner Beauty

Charm can be deceptive and physical beauty will not last... (Proverbs 31:30a, The Voice)

The Relief Bus: What's a human life worth? Everything!
Today I went on the Relief Bus to Harlem where I met Angel.  Angel is a totally endearing mentally challenged man who has lived in Harlem all his life and been following the Relief Bus for seven years.  During that time, he has experienced hardship and successes and today, he shared some of that with me.  I listened patiently as he struggled with some of the words, but it was so worth the time because of the sweetness of his story.  And after he was done telling me his story he smiled broadly with the relief of someone unburdened and he said "You are beautiful, just as beautiful as Johanna."  

Now Johanna was the Relief Bus team leader, young, blond and beautiful, but not only physically. She has the inward beauty of one who loves God, trusts Him throughly and serves Him continually.  I was so thrilled that Angel compared me to Johanna because in the brief time we had been together today serving, I was absolutely impressed by her too.

If there is any beauty that Johanna and I shared, it was based on the Spirit of Jesus.     

Physical beauty will not last.  How well I know!  I look in mirror these days and I scare myself: Who is that old woman in the mirror? My goodness, it's ME!  But there is a better beauty that does not fade, in fact, can grow deeper and richer with age.  And that is the beauty of faith--the inner peace and joy that comes from fearing the Lord.

... but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. (Proverbs 31:30b)  

Father, today I was more radiant than usually because we praised You and prayed on the trip into NYC.  Your loveliness doesn't aways show up so well on my face.  Help me to spend more time in worshiping You in the morning and praying to You before I start my day.  This way I can be more beautiful to all I meet and be Your instrument to bring in Your Kingdom.  

You too can share love of Christ with those in need, volunteer for the Relief bus by clicking here!  Hope to see you there. 

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